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budget with defense cuts amid mounting national security challenges. >> i must say your timing is exquisite. >> now, beyond crimea, mccain mentioned stalled iranian negotiations, conflict in syria, and the chinese getting more aggressive in the south china sea just as china announces it's increasing its own military spending sharply. >> ed henry live on the north lawn, thank you. >>> yeah crane's new prime minister said crimea must remain part of his country. john kerry is trying to cajole the russians to play nice, but he appears to have little leverage. james rosen is traveling with secretary kerry in paris tonight. >> joined by aides inside the ambassador's residence in paris, john kerry squared off once more against russia's long time foreign minister, sergey lavrov, one of the least charitable diplomats who had already telegraphed how little the kremlin will concede by the an exation of crimea in southeastern ukraine, home to the warm water fleet. >> some special alert measures have been adopted to control the fleet because as our president said we're not going to allow an
plan came in mid-january when the defense minister called kerry messianic. he was strongly condemned to the comments, but his words convey the difficulty ahead. >> doug, thank you. >>> thousands of anti-government activists marched peacefully to venezuela's capital today, trying to maintain that movement's momentum. afterwards, several hundred protesters erected barricades, burned tires and threw rocks and fireworks at national guard troops. they responded with tear gas. it's become a near nightly ritual for about two weeks. two people were e runner oscar pistorius' murder trial is under way in south africa. the olympian pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend. he said he shot reeva steenkamp by mistake last valentine's day, thinking she was an intruder. a witness testified in court today she heard gunshots and blood curdling screams. prosecutors believe the world famous athlete shot his girlfriend after a fight and tried to paint a picture at the trial of a loud argument before the fatal shots. >>> one member of congress gets a fashion makeover. wait until you see why. >>> if
, defense officials confirm russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile today, but they insisted the event was not unexpected and russia did notify the u.s. and in kiev, secretary of state john kerry talked more about dollars than weapons. chief washington correspondent james rosen is traveling with the secretary tonight. >> mobbed by ordinary ukrainians in kiev's midawn square, where 67 protesters died in the clashes that toppled the country's pro-russian president from power last month and where the air is still thick with the smell of smoke, burning rubber, and heartbreak. secretary of state john kerry promised that the u.s. will help the struggling eastern european nation in its bid to break free of kremlin influence and align itself with the west. later in meetings with interim government leaders and lawmakers in ukraine's parliament, kerry promised a billion dollar loan guarantee designed to ease the sting of energy costs. officials traveling with kerry had voiced concern that russian president vladimir putin who last week sent tens of thousands of forces may be preparing f
is in brussels for a two-day meeting with nato defense chiefs. his goal, to insure that the other allies don't begin a run for the exits in afghanistan. nato's secretary-general issued his own warning. >> if there's no agreement, there will be no nato troops in afghanistan after 2014. >> yesterday's phone call was the first time that president obama had spoken to karzai since last june. >> it's unprecedented in war time for a war-time president not to engage in constant discourse with his principle ally. >> the chairman of theous armed services committee gave a scathing speech this week condemning president obama for remaining disengaged from afghanistan. >> it's incredible that the president has only talked about this war a handful of times. and people don't know what's going on, don't know what we have accomplished, don't know the successes that our troops have had. and i just think that is reprehensible. >> both scales and mckeon suggest the president's silence on afghanistan demonstrates he would actually prefer to leave at the end of the year. despite what his commanders want. general d
clinton wanted and went on to win, mandy grun wauld wrote, don't be defensive. the press is watching to see if they can make your uncomfortable or testy. look for opportunities of humor. it's important that people see more sides of you and they often see you in only stern situations. lastly, be careful to be real. >> would be surprised the number of people in public life who privately get reminded to be real. >> clinton allies were quick to note that nothing earth shattering contained in the documents, but that raised the question why the clintons pressed for so long to chemothem away. >> there's a desire to avoid document release that would be awkward and perhaps a bit unpleasant, but nothing more. >> the national archives told me about 4,000 to 5,000 pages would have been released in the first installment and it was a rolling affair with additions as the day went on. the remaining 25,000 pages or so will take about two weeks to go online. >> and there's 78 million. >> at the clinton presidential library. >> a central player in the benghazi talking points scandal said he's ready and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5